Change at the Core

English: Shot at the Minnesota Zoo's Butterfly...

English: Shot at the Minnesota Zoo’s Butterfly Exhibit. Image of the Dryadula phaetusa Butterfly atop a Purple Coneflower. 135mm (3.8x) effective focal length. Copyright © 2005 by April King, aka Marumari, donated to Wikipedia under the GFDL. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Changing quadrants isn’t like changing jobs or changing professions. Changing quadrants is often a change at the core of who you are – how you think and how you look at the world. The change is easier for some people than for others simply because some people welcome change and others fight it. And changing quadrants is most often a life-changing experience. It’s a change as profound as the age-old story of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Non only will you change, but so will your friends. While you’ll still be friends with your old friends, it’s just harder for caterpillars to do the same things butterflies do. So the changes are big changes, and not too many people choose to make them.

Robert T. Kiyosaki


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