EMOTION (Photo credit: Helen_Huynh)

I later learned that when you accept complete responsibility for your life, you take the giant step from childhood to adulthood.

Rationalization and justification always require that you make someone or something else the source or cause of your problem. You cast yourself in the role of the victim, and you make the other person or organization into the oppressor or the “bad guy”.

The antidote for negative emotions of all kinds if for you to accept responsibility for your situation.

It is only when you free yourself from negative emotion by accepting complete responsibility that you can begin to set and achieve goals in every area of your life. It is only when you are free, mentally and emotionally, that you can begin to channel your energy and enthusiasm in a forward direction. Without the acceptance of complete and personal responsibility, no progress is possible. On the other hand, once you accept total responsibility for your life, there are no limits on what you can be, do, and have.

Brian Tracy

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