Make questions

English: Ask Your Questions

English: Ask Your Questions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I realized this: if I had attempted to say exactly the same things without putting them in the form of questions, I’d have been kicked out in three minutes flat! Although I said what I had to say with all the force and excitement I possibly could, this successful manufacturer never once showed any resentment. Putting my ideas in the form of questions showed him how I felt about what he should do, but at the same time kept him in the buyer’s seat. Each time he offered an objection or comment, I passed the ball right back to him with another question. When he finally got up, took his hat and said : “Let’s go!” I know he felt that the idea was his.

For a quarter of a century I’ve found this way of handling people a hundred times more effective than trying to win them to my way of thinking.

Frank Bettger


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