Refuse to Believe You Can’t Succeed



Alexander’s adamantine will and belief in himself stemmed from the fact that he was willing to out-plan, out-work, and outlast anyone. He didn’t chase dubious shortcuts, and in some cases, purposely avoided them just to experience the glory of overcoming a great challenge. He didn’t beg for the favor of the gods; he strove to overawe them.

Whether sieging an “impregnable” city, facing an “invincible” army, or solving an “impossible” knot, Alexander refused to believe he couldn’t succeed. He was driven to win by any means necessary, and he rarely played by the “rules”.

No matter the journey, one will always face opposition, whether in the form of competitors, enemies, meddlers, saboteurs, incompetents, and the like. The simplest way to defeat them all is to accomplish what you set out to accomplish. Don’t let them divert your efforts into undesirable directions. Don’t let them convince you that compromises are advantageous or necessary.

 Sean Patrick

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