Enlightened Selfishness

2013-09-29 19.46.16


You need to find an activity that maximizes the help and value you can give to others while at the same time maximizing the fulfillment and satisfaction you can give yourself. Making a difference, if you are to get excited about a project, and sustain that commitment over a period of time, needs to be one of enlightened selfishness. This is why finding your purpose – and thus finding meaning – is so important.

Meaning manifest itself in many ways, but one unifying thread is the sense of purpose that comes out of who we are, and what we hold dear. Without it we are rudderless. We are no longer, in Oscar Wilde’s phrase, “captain of our souls”. Not only can we find no meaning in what we do, we can also fall prey to betraying what values we do have, resulting in a sense of emptiness, and depression.

Tim Drake


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