Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Musashi (Photo credit: Dunechaser)

All things entail rising and falling timing. You must be able to discern this. In strategy there are various timing considerations. From the outset you must know the applicable timing and inapplicable timing, and from among the large and small things and the fast and slow timings find the relevant timing, first seeing the distance timing and the background timing. This is the main thing in strategy. In is especially important to know the background timing, otherwise your strategy will become uncertain.

Musashi Miyamoto 

Take on Your Self-Doubt



Laziness (Photo credit: Silvia Sala)

The biggest challenge you have is to challenge your own self-doubt and your laziness. It is your self-doubt and your laziness that define and limit who you are. If you want to change who you are, you must take on your self-doubt and your laziness. It is your self-doubt and laziness that keep you small. It is your self-doubt and laziness that deny you the life you want. 

Robert T. Kiyosaki

Manipulation vs. Inspiration



human behaviour

human behaviour (Photo credit: chinnian)

There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it.

From business to politics, manipulation run rampant in all forms of sales and marketing

Leadership requires people to stick with you through thick and thin. Leadership is the ability to rally people not for a single event, but for years. 

Manipulations are a perfectly valid strategy for driving a transaction, or for any behavior that is only required once or on rare occasions. 

In any circumstance in which a person or organization wants more than a single transaction, however, if there is a hope for loyal, lasting relationship, manipulations do not help.

Simon Sinek

It’s about How Much You Keep


Early paper money, China, Song Dynasty

Early paper money, China, Song Dynasty (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Intelligence solves problems and produces money. Money without financial intelligence is money soon gone.

Most people fail to realize that in life, it’s not how much money you make. It’s how much money you keep.

You must know the difference between an asset and a liability, and buy assets. An assets puts money in my pocket. A liability takes money out of my pocket.

If you want to be reach, simply spend your life buying assets.

Robert T. Kiyosaki

The Formula


Our attitude towards life determines lifes att...

Our attitude towards life determines lifes attitude towards us. (Photo credit: symphony of love)

So the formula is Inborn Attributes plus Acquired Attributes multiplied by your Attitude equals your Individual Human Performance.

The only wild card in the equation is A, or attitude. 

Since the quality of your attitude can be improved almost without limit, even a person with average inborn attributes and average acquired attributes can perform at a high level if he or she has a very positive mental attitude. And your attitude can be improved immediately and almost without limit. This is why it is your attitude as much as your aptitude that determines how much you accomplish.

Your attitude is the way you approach life. it is your “angle of attack“. It is your general mental tone and the outward expression of your thoughts and feelings. 

Brian Tracy

Know what you’re Not doing


North America and Pelican Nebulae (narrowband)

North America and Pelican Nebulae (narrowband) (Photo credit: DJMcCrady)

At the end of the day, in order to feel good about what you didn’t get done, you must have made some conscious decisions about your responsibilities, goals, and values. That process invariably includes an often complex interplay with the goals, values, and directions of your organization and of the other significant people in your life, and with the importance of those relationships to you. 

The constant sacrifices of not doing the work you have defined on your lists can be tolerated only if you know what you’re not doing.

That require regular processing of your in-basket and consistent review of complete lists of all your predetermined work.

Many people use the inevitability of an almost infinite stream of immediately evident things to do as a way to avoid the responsibility of defining their work and managing their total inventory.

David Allen

Connect the Circles


A hut circle at Grimspound (a late Bronze Age ...

A hut circle at Grimspound (a late Bronze Age settlement) on Dartmoor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The most efficient way to enlarge and tap the full potential of your circle of friends is, quite simply, to connect your circle with someone else’s.

Like a business in which cofounders take responsibility for different parts of the company, networking partners help each other, and by extension their respective networks, by taking responsibility for that part of the web that is theirs and providing access to is as needed. In other words, they exchange networks. The boundaries of any network are fluid and constantly open. 

Keith Ferrazzi


Be Financially Responsible for Yourself


Literacy in the information age diagram

Literacy in the information age diagram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we move from defined-benefit pension plans (or what I call Industrial-Age retirement plans) to defined-contribution pension plan (or Information-Age pension plans), the result is that you, as an individual, must now be financially responsible for yourself. 

“Defined contribution” means that you only get back what you and the company have contributed while you were working. In other words, your pension is defined solely by what has been contributed.

The good news is that, in the Information Age, life expectancy has increased. The bad news is that you might outlive your pension (if you even have one).

Today we all need to be concerned with more that just job security. I think we must also focus on our long-term financial security and not leave that responsibility to a company or the government. 

Today, we all need to become wiser investors, always aware of the ups and downs of the financial market. I recommend learning to be an investor rather than giving your money to somebody else to invest for you. 

Robert T. Kiyosaki

The Key Issue


English: Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth Presid...

English: Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States. Latviešu: Abrahams Linkolns, sešpadsmitais ASV prezidents. Српски / Srpski: Абрахам Линколн, шеснаести председник Сједињених Америчких Држава. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found that by questioning the businessman, I got his mind off what he thought was the real issue, and got him on the track of what was really the most vital issue of all.

Lincoln said: “Much of my success as a trial lawyer lay in the fact that I was always willing to give the opposing attorney six points in order to gain the seventh – if the seventh was the most important.

How can you get at the key issue? Encourage your prospect to talk. As soon as a man gives you for or five reasons why he won’t buy, and you try to argue each one, you aren’t going to sell him. If you just get him keep on talking, he will help you sell him. 

When he gets all through, come back to that one point. Usually, that’s the true one. 

Frank Bettger

Clarify your Values


TAGs used in CABLES : CABLEGATE : WikiLeaks : ...

TAGs used in CABLES : CABLEGATE : WikiLeaks : Tags are the seeds of understanding. JULIAN ASSANGE. (Photo credit: artist in doing nothing)

The very core of your personality is your valuesYour values are what make you the person you are. Everything you do on the outside is dictated and determined by your values on the inside, whether clear or fuzzy. The greater clarity you have regarding your values on the inside, the more precise and effective will be your actions on the outside. 

You are the the very happiest what you are doing on the outside is congruent with your values on the inside. when you are living in complete alignment with what you consider to be good and right and true, you will automatically feel happy and positive about yourself and your world.

Brian Tracy